This post is intended to show the patterns that were released (or rereleased, often to add inclusive sizing or alter the pattern in some fundamental way like with an expansion pack) during June. The list is not 100% exhaustive, but I have done my best! All pattern names have a link that will take you directly to the pattern designer’s website. Some patterns/links contain affiliate links. By using these links I receive a small portion of the sale of the pattern from the designer – it does not affect the price of the pattern. Any patterns using an affiliate link listed below will have “affiliate link” after the pattern name. If you know of a pattern that should be included please send me a message via Instagram (@curvypatterndatabase), or email me at Note: inclusion in this list is not an endorsement for a particular pattern or designer. Please do your own research regarding a pattern/designer and check the sizing prior to purchase.

At the bottom of this post, I will list all of the designers added to the Designer Database for the month of June. With the new additions this month the Designer Database now contains 102 designers that go to at least a 60″ (152.4cm) hip!

Note: this is the first monthly roundup following the change of only including designers who fit at least a 60″ hip. Previous roundups include designers who go to at least a 56″ hip and higher.

Pattern designers added to the Designer Database for the month of June:

Helen’s Closet
Kosedo Studio
Lore Piar
Rockerbye Destash Patterns
Studio Jepson
Whiskey Tango Fabric Patterns
Zen Llama

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